Medical Response Services

Canadian Group Emergency Services boasts a dedicated team of paramedics and emergency medical responders available for special events in Canada.

Our team provides a range of response services such as:
Mobile response units
Water rescue units
Bicycle units
ATV Units

The response teams provide Basic Life Support under the direction of a medical doctor.
The delegated acts performed by the response team include:
Symptom relief medication administration
Defibrillation – AED
Oxygen therapy administration (02)
Advanced First Aid
Medical Response

Our team is able to provide services for the following events:

School board athletic events
Trade shows
Sports competitions
Outdoor festivals
Charitable and fundraising events
Community events
Movie productions
Boating festivals
Golf Tournaments


The response services are determined by the client’s requirements and risk assessments. The response staff can range from First Aid Providers, Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) to Paramedic Services.

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