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Canadian Group Emergency Services provides the best in health, safety and emergency care training, along with highest-quality products and services. We continue to reach our educational objectives by providing high quality, innovative and stimulating programs that expand horizons, and squarely place the emphasis on Emergency Medical Care issues.

In order that we may continue to achieve these objectives, it remains essential for us that the caliber of experience and education of our medical instructors remain unimpeachable. They are the strong, credible cornerstones of our business –  through which we consistently deliver practical, timely, effective and stimulating information.

Through their combined experience as adult educators and facilitators, our team of medical care specialists expresses a clear and unfettered understanding of the need for logical, pertinent and accurate medical training.

Your Emergency Medical Care partner in training!

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International Medical Services

International Medic Response Group (IMRG) will deploy a medical team to provide countries in need with medical training and assistance to set up temporary medical clinics.

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Medical Response Service

Canadian Group Emergency Services (a division of CGET Inc.) boasts a dedicated team of paramedics and emergency medical responders available for special events in Canada.

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