International Medical Services

International Medic Response Group (IMRG) will deploy a medical team to provide countries in need with medical training and assistance to set up temporary medical clinics.

Professional Rescuers


  • All professional rescuers are volunteers who dedicate their time to assist countries in need!
  • Over the past years, International Medic Response Group (IMRG) has been deployed several times in more than six countries.
  • IMRG deploys a group of Volunteer Canadian professional rescuers such as paramedics, doctors, nurses, medical responders, firefighters and Search and Rescue (SAR) technicians.
  • Our medical response team boasts either enhanced or secret clearance and all are fully insured.
  • We donate our time, medical supplies and equipment (1)

(1) Conditions may apply, contact us for more information.

Medical & First Aid Training

We provide training to local communities with the following programs:

  • Basic to Advanced First Aid
  • Basic to Advanced Medical Responder
  • Basic to Advanced Resuscitation
  • Specialized Site Specific Training

Temporary Medical & Wellness Clinic

Set up temporary medical clinics complete with all primary equipment:

  • Tent, Medical cots, stretchers, medical supplies
  • Health promotion & prevention clinics
  • Providing a complete range of primary care medicine, including diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses

Countries where we have been deployed providing training and medical support.
(As group or individual mission)


  • Future Missions – 2019: Haiti and Africa (Paramedic Services)
  • Iqaluit, Nunavut – 2015 – ongoing: Medical Response Training and Paramedic Services
  • Port au Prince, Haiti – November 2014: Medical Training (paramedic)
  • North Carolina – August 2011: Medical Training
  • Greenland – July to August 2011: Medical Support (medical doctor)
  • Canada 1991 to present: Medical support & Training (all medical response groups)
  • Antarctica – February 2011: Medical Support (medical doctor)
  • Port au Prince, Haiti – 2010: Medical Evacuation (medical doctor)
  • USA – 2006 to 2009: Medical Training (paramedic)
  • Newquay, Cornwall – 1994: Water Rescue Training
  • California, USA – 2008: Medical Training (paramedic)
  • Nunavut, NWT & Yukon, Canada – 1994 and 1998 to 2004: Medical Support & Training (paramedic)
  • Hawaii & Florida – 1991 to 1997: Water Rescue Training

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